Debra Messing's 'SNL' hosting a Slam on 'The Kardashians,' Kim Kardashian has responded to her criticism, but there is a recurring problem

Debra Messing's 'SNL' hosting a Slam on 'The Kardashians,' Kim Kardashian has responded to her criti ...

So, they are everywhere again. So far, the show looks like a slightly more polished version of what the family did on E!, and Kourtney is constantly making out in the background with Travis Barker. There's one particular moment in the day that people are talking, and it goes back to Kim's hosting SNL. Back when the announcement came, Debra Messing decided to speak out about her own identity.

Why Kim Kardashian? Messing. I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has regular performers who are available to promote a film, television show, or album launch. Am I missing something? Messing said of her when she realized that The Kardashians was working, and that "I wasn't intending to troll her.

Kim decided to make another TV appearance out of this wacky relationship by following On The Kardashian by implying that Messing had been essentially "a [female from Will & Grace." Debra had accused Kim of being "another woman," Kim said, especially to "road people."

kim kardashian refers to debra messing as a "girl from will and grace"

yolanda fister (@yolandafister)

Kim's complete text is told in the following words:

"I'm the underdog. Everyone just thinks I'm a ditz." A girl from Will & Grace said she has no idea why she would be chosen as a host. But here's how she feels about it: Why do you care? I don't give people anything they believe, say, dude, then, like, cool. "Not. You can tune in."

Kim is perfectly justified to respond in an on-air manner, but she does not forget that by posting this grief, people may be concerned about how Kim decided to blanket-diss those women in the business she "need to get your f*cking ass up and work," according to Kim. Yes, Kim did before she had issued her own "advice" to women, and Kim has also tried to say that those women "were taken out of context." Yet she accused Messing of raping women and

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