Britney Spears claims that the '100000%' of the business has been 'rogue'

Britney Spears claims that the '100000%' of the business has been 'rogue' ...

Given everything she had done in her life, she understandably hasn't been super active when it comes to releasing new music and performing. She now claims she does not have the same enthusiasm for the business as she did before, saying it has been "ruined."

wrote in an Instagram post yesterday:

Being a stay-at-home mom without having to do my hair and makeup.. I look back now and I'm like, how did I do that??? Honestly, just the thought of being in the same building as them, let alone the same room makes the hair on my arms stand up for me 100000%!!!!! [monkey covering eyes emojis]

Elsewhere in the clip, she recalled herself and said she's concerned about parenthood.

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I've never been a makeup junkie, I will confess... getting tons of lipsticks from different businesses... well I never got a thrill out of this!!! I will be honest and say,... it has changed!!! I never thought I would say this but I am a makeup junkie!!! From 1 to 10.

Being a stay-at-home mom is not requiring people to do my hair and makeup. I look back now and I'm like 'how did I do that???' Honestly, just the thought of being in the same building as my dad and the weirdest woman ever in every f*cking dressing room I was in for 14 years... Im sure I'm pretty proud of them!!!!!! Let's make it a 10-year break [crying laughing emojis]

My mom and I always threw heads... she was a mindful mother, which is what happens in LA... if someone was sick... she would talk on the phone with a doctor for 40 minutes before consuming her own brain... but let's be honest and honest!

ME... I always felt judgmental and was told I was doing the wrong thing... Yet when I was 8 years old and had no lie a 104.3 fever, I was in my brother's bunk bed and wasn't moving well... At the time I was growing up, it was all about respecting your parents... I washed my mother's back everyday of my life when she asked for ice water so I took it to her in seconds!!!

Jesus Christ's thoughts on things have changed!!! Today, the generation does not even acknowledge others or say hi with a smile because they are always looking down on their phones!!! I can't even explain how many times I did shows where young girls literally had their backs turned around... whatever it is now ver...

Jayden had an extremely severe fever one time... my heart went into my stomach because he. had never been this hot before... he was still hungry... I let him out of the tub and told him to put him in a cold compress and put him on his head and gave him a fever reliever... but he died that night... he was glad to learn more about it!!!! I got him to my house and gave him a cup of tea and

When I was 16 and I got pregnant at 24, my first record came out... was a baby carrying two children with 17 cars outside my house... I wasn't even aware of how to dress or fix my hair!!! I was never clueless but it is what I know from the outside... by the fact that people were like 'WTF is going on with her.'

I heard this morning saying to myself, 'do i need to do a podcast during this pregnancy instead of therapy?' And I mean it!! It's my instinct!!! Something to declare all of these crazy mixed emotions and hormones... I don't want to be an angry pregnant person eating donuts every morning... then I thought about it... It's going to be okay!!! Just be me and stop trying so hard!

So as I reeled it in, I realized that becoming a makeup junkie isn't so bad!!! It's time for me to relax into thinking... books... makeup... classic movies... great conversation... and the best sex ever!!! Sex is great when you're pregnant.

It's going to be OK and now that @ArianaGrande had me this amazing packaging with her new makeup line @REMbeauty... I believe my day is set!!! Yes I have put it on already, and I'm not lying... it's pretty amazing!!! The colors aren't only subtle and cool but the way it lays on your face is incredible... literally!!! Thank you Ariana for this amazing gift.!!! How did you know??? God bless..."

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