Zack, New York's New Hero, Has Aided in Catching The Suspected Brooklyn Subway Shooter

Zack, New York's New Hero, Has Aided in Catching The Suspected Brooklyn Subway Shooter ...

On Wednesday, Frank James, the main suspect in the on Tuesday that injured 29 people, was placed in jail. He has been accused of committing a terrorist act on a mass transit system.

The New York Times:

According to commissioner Keechant Sewell, the New York police commissioner, Mr. James had been halted as a result of a Crime Stoppers note. She said Mr. James would be charged with murder on Tuesday. "We were able to shrink his country swiftly," she said. "There was nowhere left for him to run."

Most of the credit for finding James, who worked on the lam for over 24 hours, belongs to Zack. And just... Zack. "Thank you, Zack! You're a hero with those quick reflexes," tweeted Twitter user Samantha Zirkin, while recording a video interview with the hero.

Zack, thank you! You're a hero with these quick reflexes.

Samantha Zirkin (@SamanthaZirkin)

Short after James was arrested, the "21-year-old security camera installer" held an "impromptu press conference."

Zack Dahnan, a 21-year-old security camera installer who first saw the suspected subway shooter in the East Village, is holding an impromptu press conference on 1st Avenue. He claims that the presser left him unable to sleep.

Jake Offenhartz (@jangelooff)

The NYPD offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the gunman. For now, Zack deserves it, and so much more. However, he is being praised for his heroics on social media.

shoutout to zack

Brian Floyd (@BrianMFloyd)

It was actually a guy named zack.

Claire Carusillo (@clocarustwo)

lol at Eric Adams' NYPD, which is largely untrue by...Zack

Foster kamer. (@weareyourfek)

As Zack, the man who saw the shooter on the street, climbs in the police car, crowds cheering and singing "hero."

Jamie Vinick (@JamieVinick)

Zack was at work, saw the suspect in the Brooklyn shooting on security cameras, and alerted the authorities:

philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_)

Give Zack a portion of the NYPD budget as a reward.

Jason Diamond (@imjasondiamond)

Throw Zack a parade, and he is a great performer.

patman (@HoraceDeChorus)

The NYPD would charge Zack $50k for his arrest, according to the caption.

Yoav Gonen (@yoavgonen)

Give Zack the 10 billion dollars that the NYPD receives once more since he did their entire job for him.

No one is online (@online_nobody)

"Zack the bodega guy performed our job better than we could w/o any weapons or militarized gear," you say. Now go stand around again, sadly.

Dana Stevens (@thehighsign)

Zack, New York's finest, is not the only one.


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