In Flume's 'Sirens' video, Caroline Polachek is a healing goddess

In Flume's 'Sirens' video, Caroline Polachek is a healing goddess ...

Flume has released a music video for his collaboration on this weekend and next week, titled "Thermo." Flume is then seen lying unconscious on the edge of a lake in an underground cave. Soon, Polachek approaches Flume slowly and slowly over the duration of the song.

She arrives at Flume to play the game, and the producer is immediately revived. The two begin to climb out of the underground cave at the end of the video.

This fantastic track by Flume and Caroline stelte us to create a film that transcends both technology and materiality, director Daniel Askill said in a statement. We were lucky enough to be supported by a huge team of collaborators including Jonathan Zawada, Dion Lee, Khalid Mohtaseb, Serial Pictures, and Glenn Stewart at Collider, who created and built the incredible environment.

Flume and Polachek traveled extensively to Los Angeles where they often met up to play games of Magic: The Gathering. While in a session, Polachek revealed the lyrics, culminating in "Sirens." Though he was in London during the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, flume and Polachek worked on "Sirens."

I was really going through it, Polachek said in a statement, I was feeling so small, incapable to control anything in the world, and the lyric sirens was in reference to constant ambulances I was hearing.

The following are some pictures from the film "Sirens."

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