The Red Band Trailer for 'The Kids in the Hall' discusses Amazon Reboot''s toxic workplaces

The Red Band Trailer for 'The Kids in the Hall' discusses Amazon Reboot''s toxic workplaces ...

With eight new episodes on Prime Video, a Canadian sketch comedy series is returning. Amazon has released a couple of madcap trailers. Above is the cleaner version, and there's a much more filthier red band trailer below.

The original cast returns: actors/comedians, and. They're also reintroduced many, as well as creating new ones. Fingers crossed for more Crushing Your Head Guy, Chicken Lady, and Thompson's genuine Queen Elizabeth remark when the premiere is available on Prime Video from May 13.

The trailers wack at how the show is funded not by the devil, but by something close: Amazon. It's funny!

Here's a more explicit red band trailer, which includes gags about so many bang-up-to-date subjects as toxic workplaces, masturbating on Zoom, and, er, Ikea.

The producer of the new show has been attached to the role of executive producer, which is the first Canadian Amazon Original series.

Weve been investing in Canada for years, and we're excited to help keep the movement going by producing The Kids in the Hall, the first Canadian Amazon Original series.

From 1989 to 1995, the cast composed and starred in the 1996 film, and was reunited for the 2010 CBC miniseries.

There is absolutely no way out there right now. In fact, we are already completing our uniquely horrifying sketch comedy. 'Kids in the Hall,' the popular commercial video from Amazon

"Well, there's no way out of it right now," said a cast member in Kids in the Hall on Thursday. "In fact, we're already concentrating on our unusually horrified sketch comedy."

When the reboot was first published in March 2020, fans on social media were quick to express their delight online. "Thirty Helens agree. This is fantastic news." "The greatest show has come to an end!"

Thirty Helens agree: This is fantastic news.

I want to remind myself of the best evergreen skit they ever made with Kids in the Hall. Welcome to the Resistance.


Yes, yes, I love these guys so much. Great news. via email


These were my sisters growing up, and I am absolutely ecstatic.


The rock of 'Kids In The Hall' is a hugely powerful Comedy Central staple for young me. I was once the waiter with *hands* for hands.

on a day that he tenaired to desperately need some good news...

That time, five of Earth's most funniest people managed to find one another. Here are kids in the hall, and 30 Helens agree: Right now, the reunion on Amazon is what we all need.

Amazon has a Revival set for 'Kids in the Hall.' Yeah, if you haven't played this before, you are out.

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