25 Great Tech Gifts for $100 or less

25 Great Tech Gifts for $100 or less ...

Mother's Day and Father's Day aren't too far away, and now is the time to start thinking about some treats. Below are a few ideas for anyone looking for the perfect gift that will cost less than $100, as well as selections for music enthusiasts, tech-heads and more.

Each product has been carefully reviewed or personally tested to get you the finest tech gifts for $100 or less. Here are a few ideas for you, as well as if you're looking to spread some happiness on a budget.

Smart Thermostat, a brand-new product, is easy to use, whether you're using the Alexa app or with Alexa voice commands with a compatible Alexa-enabled speaker or display. It has received a CNET Editors' Choice Award for its best value smart thermostat.


The Earfun Air Pro 2 earbuds not only feature strong active noise cancellation, but their sound is impressive for its relatively modest price, with overall well-balanced sound, decent clarity, and excellent bass performance. Occasionally, Earfun's buds have had a bit too much treble push, sometimes called "presence boost," but these often manage to avoid that. This affordable gift does sound better than the original Air Pro.

The earbuds have a few additional features, such as an ear-detection sensor (your music stops when you take the buds out of your ears), as well as a USB-C and wireless charging, that you don't often find at this price. These headphones are splash-proof with an IPX5 rating and offer up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge at moderate volume levels, although you'll likely get closer to six hours with noise canceling on.

There's also a transparency mode that allows ambient sound to be expressed in. It actually sounds pretty natural and is closer than I thought it would be to the AirPods Pro's excellent transparency mode. Alas, there's no companion app that allows you to modify the sound or alter the firmware.

Earfun discusses the Air Pro 2's voice calling capabilities, which are the three microphones in each earbud, but I considered call performance was beneficial, as much as the new Soundpeats T3 are worth the money (). Although the Soundpeats T3 are better for calls, the Soundpeats don't have the eardetection sensor, however, the Earfun Air Pro 2 buds sound better, with a richer, more powerful sound.

The Lumos Ultra is a great way to give your giftee a boost of visibility while riding a bicycle or scooter. It gives you the ability to see both front and back LEDs through an app, which means the helmet is Bluetooth-enabled.

The helmet features a small remote that allows you to activate a turn signal (on the back display), letting everyone behind you know what your next move is. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is also available in a step-up MIPS version that offers additional protection.

This helmet is only available for full price right now, which is a little over $100, but it often costs $20 off or more.

The Clip micro Bluetooth speaker in the first three generations had a circular design. However, for the fourth-gen Clip 4, JBL has removed the speaker slightly, adding a USB-C charging. It looks a little better, with a larger volume, better clarity, and more bass. With an IP67 water-resistant rating, it is now dust-proof.

The Clip 4 was a little smaller, but thanks to supply chain issues, this great gift has now been up to $80. This JBL Clip 4 is available in five different colors, and the older Clip 3 is often discounted.


Are you looking for someone who is using their phone? Whether you're iPhone users or Android owners using Xbox Cloud gaming or Google Stadia, the Razer Kishi is a great option. Similar to the $60 (the version is MFi-certified and will work with the iPhone 6 Plus and any newer model), the Android version allows Android phone owners to play Xbox Cloud gaming with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It offers pass-through charging, but there is no built-in battery to provide juice.

The controller allows you to play in harmony with mobile games that have game-controller capability (and benefit from it), and anyone who plays a lot of games on their phone would appreciate it as a great gift. We do not support the Backbone controller for iOS users (see below). Unfortunately, there is no Android version of the controller.



It's astonishing how good this Lightning-connected controller from startup Backbone is compared to the other iPhone 6S or later. It also benefits social and chatty gamers. The Razer Kishi has a similar connectivity feature, although it has no built-in battery. The biggest advantage this model has over the Kishi is that it's just a more ergonomically sound controller that feels better in your hands.

I like Hyperice's Hypersphere Mini ($99) massage ball, but Theragun's Wave Solo massage ball is arguably a bit smaller at $80. It's also about the size of a softball (3.4 inches, or 8.7 cm, in diameter), charges with a USB-C cable (a full charge offers up to 200 minutes of battery life) and has three vibration speed options.

As hip flexors, you might roll out with a lacrosse ball. There's also a Wave Duo version for $99 that allows you to roll on either side of the spine or placing at the top of your shoulder while lying down.

The person who gets this may be a little embarrassed but he'll most likely appreciate it. Panasonic says the new ER-GK80-S is "designed to go everywhere" with two attachments, a battery life of nearly two hours, and it can be used dry or wet. A travel case is included. It is a great manscaping device.

When viewing video, I never tried the original Fiil CC earbuds, but the next-generation CC2 improves on the performance of the originals. They're also improved by better battery life (they're rated at five hours on a single charge) and without audio latency issues.

These were excellent to keep my ears looking better than the standard AirPods. They are now available in Bluetooth 5.2, which makes them particularly strong for open-style individuals, with just enough bass to keep you from feeling they're bass shy. They're also helpful for making calls and touch controls.

One of their prominent features is its open case, which allows you to access the buds and place them back in their case safely. These are similar to those found in the AirPods, and these are quite common in the first place.

There are a number of fantastic Alexa-powered Echo products, but in this price range, we're fans of the new Google Nest Hub (2nd gen). The upgraded smart display provides more bass along with a new Sleep Sensing feature. It also allows you to have instant access to the world of questions whenever you say, "Hey, Google."


The original Google-Assistant Lenovo Smart Clock was well-known, and this Version 2 version is quite nice, yet it's quite small, although no YouTube stream is available, therefore this feature set is somewhat limited compared to Google's; this time, you'll notice that weather forecasts are included and a decent sound quality is an excellent option. It's available in three colors.


The original Apple was too costly at $350, and the HomePod Mini is still around. It's a very compact Wi-Fi speaker that is much smaller ($99) than you'd expect for its modest size. Yes, it's more appealing to Apple's customers and is comfortable with Apple's voice-assistant Siri, which drives the speaker, but the price is right; it's possible to combine two HomePod Minis to create stereo sound or several audio systems (you may link them to the original HomePod

While music playback is tied to Apple Music, you may also stream music from other streaming services, including Spotify, from your iPhone and other Apple devices ().


The Jabra Elite 3 headphones are among Jabra's most affordable true-wireless earbuds to date, although they offer superior sound and call quality for the money. They feature 6mm drivers, four-microphone call technology, and Jabra's HearThrough transparency mode. Qualcomm HD video is also supported for aptX-enabled devices.

On a single charge, battery life is rated at up to seven hours, with the case holding an additional three full charges (28 hours total). They have an IP55 water-resistance rating, which means they can absorb a strong sand and are also dust-resistant. In a mono mode, you may use either bud independently.

While they don't have such additionals as active noise canceling, the Elite 3 earbuds offer solid performance and a comfortable fit for a reasonable price.

The Luxe is SanDisk's latest iXpand flash drive, which allows you to transfer photo and video from a Lightning-enabled iOS device to a USB-C-enabled computer or Android phone. It also has an automatic back-feature for iOS devices (you'll need to download the iXpand Drive companion app).

The 128GB version I used cost $60 (though it's on sale now for $48), while the 256GB version costs $75.

The Roku Ultra, which has a very fine 4K HDR streamer, has a wide range of features: a remote finder, a faster processor, and the ability to stream in, a long-awaited feature that allows it to better compete with the from and.

Yes, the, which costs $29, is a higher value, but the upgraded Ultra is often on sale today for $70 (it lists for $100) and has an Ethernet port for those who want to go with a wired connection.


Smart mugs with Ember that keep your hot beverage of choice warm while you sip it over a longer drinking session. However, it may not keep coffee or tea warm for hours, but it is also possible to select your ideal temp by tapping the companion Ember app on iOS or Android, which allows you to keep your beverage at a high temp during the 30 minutes or so it takes to chill it.

I personally prefer the larger version, but it does not charge more. A good insulated mug with a top on it will keep your beverage hot (and they are cheaper), but this Ember mug allows you to drink a cup of Joe like you would and not put it through a small hole in the top.

It's only available at full price at the moment, but it sometimes goes on sale for $100 or less.


The BlendJet 2 comes in. It is more powerful than you think, which means it can whip up smoothies without having to plug in anywhere. It charges via USB-C (you get about 15 blends per charge) and is fully waterproof. Drink right from the blender!

This insulated water bottle has a UV technology in the lid, which, with a press of a button, kills off bacteria in three minutes and purifies your water. (There's an integrated rechargeable battery that uses a proprietary USB charger.)

"The UV light breaks the DNA of the bacteria," Glo says, "eliminating bacteria that cause bad smell and taste." So the bottle cleans water rather than it cleans itself. It keeps your water cold or hot for up to 12 hours.

BioLite boasts several portable lighting options, and the Alpenglow 500 is one of the most recent additions to its line. It's a portable "lantern" with multiple modes and color options. As its name implies, it delivers 500 lumens of light, and it is certainly quite bright.

The Alpenglow 250, which has been reduced to $15 less, is for 5 hours of battery life on the high setting and up to 200 hours on the low setting.

For a list price of $85, the 2021 version of Amazon's most popular smart display has a higher resolution camera than its predecessor. This is for $55. If you're looking for a video-enabled Echo device for a nightstand or home office, this is the most affordable option. The new lists for $100 and sometimes sells for less.

Logitech's is one of our favorite everyday Bluetooth keyboards and now comes in two smaller versions that exclude the number pad and some other keys: the MX Keys Mini and the MX Keys Mini for Mac. Both are at a discounted price, the same price as the standard MX Keys. The colors include rose, pale gray, and graphite.

While you're getting less keyboard for the same amount of money, the MX Keys Mini does have three new keys, providing you shortcuts to dictation (available in select countries for Windows and MacOS users), emojis, and the all-important muting and unmuting of your microphone for video-conference calls. Depart my testing, I agree with that assessment.

The keyboard is similar in length to Logitech's most popular K380 keyboard ($30). However, the MX Keys Mini, which is equipped with Perfect Stroke, is a more premium look and feel. Like the standard MX Keys, it has backlit keys that adjust to the lighting conditions, dimming or even turning off in order to maintain energy.

Note that the link below is referring to the standard MX Keys Mini.


Logitech's ($100) product was unveiled for the third year in a row, which includes a $80 MX Anywhere 3, the company's premium "mobile" mouse, and it might just be my favorite Logitech mouse.

The MX Anywhere 3 comes in a variety of versions. There is also a standard "universal" version that works with Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, and Linux computers via Bluetooth or Logitech's Unifying USB dongle, which is included. works only via Bluetooth and is optimized for Macs and iPads. Both mice are available in pale gray, and the MX Anywhere 3 (with the dongle) is also offered in rose and graphite.


Yes, the Echo Dot sells for half the price, but it's worth splurge for the full-size Amazon Echo, especially if the device is marked down. This voice-controlled speaker delivers better-than-average sound quality and doubles as a straight-up Bluetooth speaker.


This Mophie wireless charging dock is exactly what you need on your desk or bed. It has a base to wirelessly charge your phone, but also a storage space for a second phone up against the removable power bank. That's right, this power station is equipped with a portable wireless power bank that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Soundcore Wakey may be the finest clock radio you can get for money. It also has an integrated wireless charging dock for Qi-enabled smartphones, which includes all iPhones and Samsung smartphones from the last few years. This holiday gift idea is that it has a feature (yes, it's also a Bluetooth speaker) that allows you to program in your preset FM radio stations and dim the LED clock to your liking.

The Wakey comes in white and black; sometimes the black model is on sale.

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