The United Kingdom intends to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

The United Kingdom intends to send asylum seekers to Rwanda ...

With a 120 million proposal to relocate asylum seekers from the United Kingdom to Rwanda, the British government is attempting to tackle migration issues.

People who have arrived illegally since January 1, 2022 may be relocated to the East African country, where they will be offered permanent residency or sent back to their homeland of origin. According to the United Kingdom, Rwanda will be paid a set amount per relocated person.

According to UK prime minister Boris Johnson, the intention would imply that "economic migrants taking advantage of the asylum system will not get to stay in the United Kingdom, while those in real need will be adequately protected." The asylum system in the United Kingdom reportedly costs the government.

The United Kingdom is adopting a dangerous path in terms of immigration.

The UK government's Nationality and Borders Bill, which is currently passing through parliament, will also make it easier to transfer someone with a pending asylum claim to a third country.

The number of migrants coming to the United Kingdom is increasing. According to estimates, roughly 29,000 people were expected to have crossed the English Channel, the stretch of sea separated the United Kingdom and France, using small boats. So far, more than 4,500 have made the journey this year.

Migrants will be entitled to complete protection under Rwandan legislation, equal access to employment, and enrollment in healthcare and social care services, according to the Rwandan government.

As asylum applications arrive in Rwanda, it might take up to three months to process them. During this time, migrants will reside in temporary accommodation near the capital, Kigali.

Boris Johnson is under pressure.

After receiving a fine from police for breaking the UK's strict lockdown rules, Johnson is battling against his resignation.

"Desperate and profoundly regretless," Govt. made an announcement today to prevent Boris Johnson's lawbreaking, according to the opposition's. "Unworkable, unethical, and extortionate."

Human rights and refugee organizations criticized the policy quickly.

"Sending asylum seekers to be processed abroad will do absolutely nothing to help address the reasons why people want to be safe in the United Kingdom," says the CEO of the Refugee Council.

"It will do little to dissuade them from going to this country, but it will only result in more human suffering and chaos, at a price that is estimated 1.4 billion per year."

What's there going for Rwanda?

"While all details have not been disclosed, a substantial amount of money is involved," said Abdullahi Halakhe, an expert on African security, during a public appearance. "That's a direct benefit. Implicitly, the UK government will not raise any issue about Rwanda in the near futureincluding the Rwanda government's human rights record."

Rwanda already has an estimated 130,000 refugees, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi.

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