Why is Philadelphia the only major US city to reintroduce a mask requirement?

Why is Philadelphia the only major US city to reintroduce a mask requirement? ...

Philadelphia became the first major city in the United States to reinstate a public mask requirement on April 18, but the new law will require individuals to wear masks starting April 18.

Other US cities are unlikely to follow Philadelphia's lead. Philadelphia is the only major US city with a covid plan automatically caused by higher case counts. Philadelphia saw cases increase by more than 50% in ten days, owing to the highly-contagious omicron BA.2 variant that has in recent months. An earlier spike in 2021 resulted in an average of 1,000 cases and 18 fatalities per week.

Philadelphia's public health response will likely be a sellout in the United States. As cities monitor local cases counts with no intentions to return to masking in public, most are betting their citizens will accept more risk rather than another wave of mask limitations.

Why did Philly use masks once more?

Philadelphia changed its mask notices in early March, despite its earlier cases being narrowed, but the city is currently the only major US country to increase its measures in response to an increase in new infections. The city's lays out a variety of criteria, such as case counts and hospitalizations, and lists safety measures the city must take in response. The recent spike has moved Philadelphia from Level 1 to Level 2, or "caution," requiring people to wear masks inside businesses and other public areas (not include a proof of

This is similar to those seen in major cities that emphasize more on available beds in local hospitals. Based on the Centers for Disease Control, a city or city is considered to be at "low" risk of having less than 200 covid cases per 100,000 people and less than ten covid hospital admissions within a week.

Most major cities in the United States, including, and, are still reporting a "low" covid risk, with fewer than 150 cases per 100,000. Philadelphia has averaged fewer than 100 cases per 100,000, comparable to these other cities, but the jump from a 1.4% weekly positivity rate (the share of reported positive covid tests) to nearly 6% triggered recent measures.

The majority of US cities are not following Philadelphia's lead.

Colorado's health department "utilises a wholistic picture of COVID-19 on the area's [world's] community," a representative wrote on Wednesday. Even San Francisco, which has adopted several of the US epidemic measures, isn't planning on reintroducing a mask requirement despite seeing a recent in cases (, however, still remains low).

Public health officials are under increasing political pressure to adopt strict health guidelines two years into the epidemic, according to a recent Monmouth University poll.

State and local politicians who have instituted lockdowns and mask mandates have faced political blowback. Strict covid policies in California contributed to a for governor Gavin Newsom in September 2021 (which he ultimately withstood) but other politicians have lost their seats. That's a result of McAuliffe's covid policies, which he said was rejected. Several anti-mask rallies across the United States, from, to.

Local leaders who are balancing public health and public sentiment are hoping to wait as long as possible before taking aggressive measures to combat the pandemic that many Americans have agreed to put behind them.

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