These charts reveal the world's massive vaccination equity gap

These charts reveal the world's massive vaccination equity gap ...

Vaccines are essentially a luxurious benefit for world's richest countries only two years after the covid-19 epidemic. That's because the poorest countries have been left behind in the effort to immunize the world. Governments of wealthy nations have financed and tested vaccines, coordinated manufacturing, and protected the intellectual property of pharmaceutical manufacturers, thus ensuring that their citizens would get vaccines first, and that their economies may reopen quicker.

By comparing every country's GDP per capita to its covid-19 vaccination doses per capita, we can easily see the divide between the global rich and the poor.

We divide vaccination trends by region below, and place countries on the lists according to their nationality. If vaccinations were distributed purely according to how wealthy a country is, then countries' ranks would be similar. The links between these two methods are bleak, but some are not.

To create these charts, we collected vaccination data from the World Bank on April 8, 2022 and 2020 per capitaita GDP figures. Countries without available figures in either metric were excluded.

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