Baker Mayfield describes the Seattle Seahawks' team as a "most likely choice" for 2022

Baker Mayfield describes the Seattle Seahawks' team as a "most likely choice" for 2022 ...

Baker Mayfield's stint with the Cleveland Browns has just come to an end, and the quarterback is eager to figure out where he'll be playing next season. Mayfield currently hasn't had any options for his next game.

Mayfield believes there is a team that makes sense, and it's the one many have speculated will trade for him. In a video on the "YNK: you know what I mean," Mayfield named the Seattle Seahawks as the team he believes will be his landing spot.

"About a week and a half ago I'd have said Indianapolis," said the state's "seattle might be the most likely option, but I have no clue."

After trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos last month, the Seahawks have a hole at quarterback. They are currently with Drew Lock, Jacob Eason, and Geno Smith, who are the no. 9 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, and are considering drafting a quarterback.

When the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, Mayfield's time in Cleveland came to an end, and he said on the podcast that he was defying the organization because of it. Indianapolis, according to reports, was Mayfield's preferred destination, but the Colts decided to trade for Matt Ryan.

All of this depends on if the Seahawks are interested in Mayfield. If they are, the Browns will face a difficult task. Mayfield is due a fully guaranteed $18.8 million for the season. However, if they aren't able to trade him, they may awkwardly keep him on the roster for the season or cut him. However, if they don't want him, they would have to pick it up. If the Seahawks want him, they know this and will use it

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