Do you want milkshakes, crafts, and/or plants? Portland's new Creative Culture is for you

Do you want milkshakes, crafts, and/or plants? Portland's new Creative Culture is for you ...

Portland's hottest club is Creative Culture, and this area has everything: do-it-yourself pottery painting, over-the-top milkshakes, and a plant bar where you can select your own dream succulent and even paint it pot.

OK, it's not a club. But it's located right before you hit the Broadway Fred Meyer at that strange bend in Northeast 28th Avenue.

Dell Ann Upp's now 11-year-old daughter is the brainchild of Creative Culture.

On Wednesday night, Upp said he and my daughter were really kind of working when he was sick of cleaning up the mess. 'Let's make a craft studio that we can let other people make the mess, and we'll clean it up for them.'

While the notion of mixing milkshakes, art, and plants together might seem to be entirely Portland, Upp launched Creative Culture in Kansas City in 2020. There was such a great deal of success here, and now Portland, where Upp lives part-time with her partner, is her third location.

Upp said, We have a ton of different make-and-take initiatives.

There were many pottery and plants, but there was also a wreath bar where visitors might make seasonal wreaths, as well as a rotating assortment of 14 craft kits. It's a family-friendly spot, and walk-ins are welcome, although reservations are made for parties or groups.

The studio space at Sullivan's Gulch is open and airy, complete with blank ceramic canvases and plants, and a menu of extreme milkshakes on a screen in the back. And the Fred Meyer-adjacent playground is just steps away, for kids who get too wound up by the milkshakes.

On Wednesday night, the attentive staff at Creative Culture provided two milkshakes: an Oreo flavored treat with a full slice of cake, multiple cookies, and a birthday cake version, which included the aforementioned cupcake.

The Oreo shake was a fantastic treat that could be used as desserts for a family of four. A small child present at the presentation seemed to enjoy the birthday cake shake.

Customers are welcome to bring in their own food and drink, and to "make a picnic out of them." Upp said: Because milkshakes are all they will offer, milkshakes are only a few of them will serve.

On Saturday at 10 a.m., Creative Culture will open to the public.

If you go: Creative Culture, 1448 N.E. 28th Ave., 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Lizzy Acker


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