Tina Kotek, a Democratic presidential candidate, and Tobias Read have been in a tight race, and most voters have been unsure

Tina Kotek, a Democratic presidential candidate, and Tobias Read have been in a tight race, and most ...

According to a new poll released Thursday, former House speaker Tina Kotek leads state Treasurer Tobias Read in the Democratic primary. However, the majority of likely Democratic voters have yet to select which candidate they will support.

In the survey, Kotek had a 25% to 20% lead over Read, which included 653 people. Pollsters contacted prospective Democratic primary voters via landlines and cell phones as well as online, and the results have a 3.8 percent margin of error. Thursday, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, and Metz, along with their presidents, provided briefings on the results.

With 56 percent of potential Democratic primary voters dissatisfied with which candidate to vote, Metz said the Democratic primary is "wide open" at this point.

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Given this is the first truly open Oregon governor's race in two decades in which former New York Times columnist Nick Kristof is not on the ballot, Metz said, however, that his departure from the race did not seem to have had any effect on the extent to which voters were still uncided, as two out of five likely Democratic primary voters were revealed in January. According to the State Supreme Court nominee, Anna Fagan had a decision in February.

Read's campaign released the poll just two weeks before county clerks will begin to send out ballots for the May 17 voter-by-mail primary in Oregon. In the coming weeks, voters are likely to be affected by an increase in advertising on television, online, and other platforms.

Thomas Wheatley, an advisor to Kotek's campaign, said the former House speaker is on the verge of starting to run television advertisements this week. "Tina starts advertising this week, and her lead will only grow from there," Wheatley said in a text message.

Both campaigns have reported that they had spent the same amount of money. Read reported that on Thursday, it raised $1.34 million and spending $720,000 of it. Kotek reported contributions totaling $1.8 million and expenditures of $740,000.

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