Gabriel Rucker, an award-winning chef, will create the second Canard restaurant in Oregon City

Gabriel Rucker, an award-winning chef, will create the second Canard restaurant in Oregon City ...

, it was Portland's exact location, a modern cafe-bar with the appearance of a smart Paris, and a modern anarchic approach to menu development originally found at Le Pigeon next door. Unlike the dining room at the time, Canard "tries to be something for everyone and... succeeds perfectly."

The Oregonian/OregonLive has learned that owners Gabriel Rucker and Andy Fortgang intend to keep the concept behind Canard's second location in early summer. They will start serving steam burgers, Salisbury steak frites, and soft serve sundaes by June or July to a dining room, along with a new permanent patio.

Fortgang said, "Canard has always been what you make of it." "Come in for a cocktail, take a bite off, have dinner, make it your birthday, and make it a Tuesday. This will be the same."

Several months after, Rucker and Fortgang have discussed opening a second Canard, one month after. While others Portland restaurateurs have focused on more development in or, they have long honed in on Oregon City, a Clackamas County area once known for the sprawling paper mills nearby.

"When we first came to Portland, it wouldn't have been appropriate to be inside a strip mall or new development," Fortgang said. "Restaurants are about food and service, but also the sense of the street, and the feeling of the room."

Grano, a great sourdough bakery that sold two years ago, was also closed for good in November. A large parking lot with a wedding venue Abernethy Center was a selling point.

"We didn't design it this way, but we found a restaurant that's actually replicable," Rucker said. "Le Pigeon does not work coming out here or anywhere else. Little Bird would not. But Canard has these core menu items that are craveable and effective no matter who you are."

Daugherty, who is wearing a shirt that resembles Oregon City's Arch Bridge, will serve alongside chef de cuisine Jacob Soule (Little Bird) as the group's "boots on the ground." He believes the new menu will highlight Canard's classic traditional french fries and soft served sundaes, as well as the ring-shaped Paris-Brest dessert.

Rucker and Daugherty are avoiding experimenting. Right now, menu ideas include a Thai-style shrimp cocktail, duck confit quesadillas, a dry-aged Kobe beef Salisbury steak frites with morel gravy, togarashi-dusted Tokyo hot fried chicken and a smoked pork ribeye.

According to Rucker, the organization intends to listen to locals to see what works and what does, building a restaurant that "doesn't bring Portland to Oregon City, but that Oregon City wants for itself."

"What I would like to have done is kids get started with soccer or baseball practice, then they're sitting outside with their parents having ice cream and steam burgers and fries, but there may be people who have oysters or Salisbury steak with a nice wine bottle," Rucker said. "We want to keep this as an all-time favorite restaurant."

Canard plans to open its second location at the 1500 Washington St. in Oregon City in June or July this year.

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