Call this Oregon poetry hotline to hear a daily poem every April

Call this Oregon poetry hotline to hear a daily poem every April ...

"Do you want for the quiet to come + with an intimate sweetness spoken in your ear swell within you as the bulbs do before the blooming + so then to give way to your heart's largess?"

For more information, call the 503-928-7008.

The Oregon poet laureate has created a poetry hotline, which he advertised on his Instagram page with the caption above. During April, callers to the Tele-Poems hotline may hear a recording of a different poem read every day during.

Mojgani is planning a poetry hotline since 2020, the year since he became the state's ninth poet laureate.

I love the idea of saying things from somewhere, he told The Oregonian. I love the idea of a phone number existing in a space somewhere, and the mystery of what awaits on the other side should someone call. The notion of something distant approaching us, bodiless with a spirit still intact.

"My hope is that the program will assist individuals in a permanent connection with poetic thought, idea, and language, irrespective of whether one already has a connection to poetry or is new to it," Mojgani said.

Callers found a sixth Oregon poet from 2010 to 2014 on the April 5th recording. Each day, a different poet laureate reads a new poem. Mojgani says, "Hope today has found you calm."

So far, about 1,000 people have called the hotline from Oregon and 12 other states, according to Mojgani by email, with calls from Mexico and Canada.

I was personally surprised how quickly and lovingly so many people responded and connected to the prospect of calling a number and hearing a poem, Mojgani said. Which is lovely, and I think rather telling of our current lives that a few minutes of a stranger sharing into our ears a moment of personal reflection, sharing through something as cold as a telephone a moment of quieting intimacy, reveals feasibly a desire in us.

Samantha Swindler,, and her husband have both been married.

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