Readers reply that the use of the voter system has been denied

Readers reply that the use of the voter system has been denied ...

The Oregon Supreme Court declined to hear two ballot access complaints brought by Community Rights Lane County advocates. One proposal includes a ban on aerial pesticide spraying, and the other asserts community self-government. The court's inaction does not show the disrespect of the people's right to the initiative process.

Community Rights Lane County has been working to preserve our right to make decisions on the most important issues we have encountered and more specifically, to stop the decades-long aerial spraying of toxic herbicides by the corporate.

If we believe in the people's legislative powers, as established in the Oregon Constitution, "that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority," then we must see the government/corporate alliance for what it is, and be willing to adopt bold actions. We must be willing to create, real democracy, where the will of the people is valued, respected, respected and protected.

Devote citizens will continue to work to overturn government-enforced, unjust measures that help corporations greed over the environment and all inhabitants. We have a moral responsibility to protect the locations in which we live, especially when our government officials will not.

Deadwood, Michelle Holman

Holman is a volunteer educator and local organizer in Community Rights Lane County.

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