After seven innings of a perfect game, the Los Angeles Dodgers slash Clayton Kershaw, putting social media on fire

After seven innings of a perfect game, the Los Angeles Dodgers slash Clayton Kershaw, putting social ...

It has been a very long time since a perfect game has been thrown in Major League Baseball. It's been a very long time since 2012, in fact.

Wednesday, baseball fans anticipated a second game, courtesy of Clayton Kershaw, the Los Angeles Dodgers' defense.

The Dodgers' future pitcher against the Minnesota Twins had been on the mound, and he was perfect throughout seven innings.

Dave Roberts, the Dodgers' manager, or even Kershaw himself, who really knows, asked for pitcher Alex Vesia to enter the game. Vesia immediately gave up a walk and a shot.

The Dodgers have probably decided to do so, the first and most obvious is that Kershaw had made 80 pitches. If this were a different time in his career, maybe when he was younger, he would have kept on the mound to try a perfect game.

The decision was made largely because he isn't capable of doing anything, although it is clear that it is extremely rare what Kershaw was attempting to accomplish, and for a star pitcher like him, you may as well allow him to go for it so he can add it to his running list of baseball achievements.

Kershaw takes care of the Dodgers' decision, though:

Clayton Kershaw on his recovery after seven excellent innings: "It was the correct decision, was time."

The Dodgers' decision wasn't enough to feed people on Twitter, who had plenty to say about it and expressed their dissatisfaction:

If it's a no-hitter, you can try him. Clayton Kershaw has won one. But there have been more than 220,000 games in MLB history.Everything -- especially a pitch count of 80 -- is lining up to at least allow Kershaw to try. He will not be pulled.

Putting Clayton Kershaw six outs away from a perfect game at 80 pitches should be a crime punishable by up to 90 years in prison.

If Kershaw hadn't made it, you should hate it. It might have been. Don't worry he'd be smiling if he wasn't pulled against his will.


I am grateful for Dave Roberts. With that being said, there would be a physical altercation with whom ever it was that told me I was done for the day. It's QUITE LITERALLY THE ONLY THING LEFT FOR THIS MAN TO DO ON A DAMN BASEBALL FIELD!

Kershaw must continue playing as a young kid early in the year. I understand it more with a young guy early in the year. However, Clayton Kershaw is 6 outs away from a fantastic game!! He should try and finish it off.

Is it preferable to have a functioning shoulder or a perfect game?

The Dodgers shut out the Twins 7-0.

Aron Yohannes is the subject of a discussion.

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