Sunny Ozell Tells Us A Huge Story About Her Recent 'Star Trek' Series Cameo

Sunny Ozell Tells Us A Huge Story About Her Recent 'Star Trek' Series Cameo ...

Sunny Ozell might state that her husband was a bit irritated.

After finishing a script for his show, the two were on the road, and he discovered that a hesitant asked his singer-songwriter wife if she would be interested in a comeo, as a moment in the Paramount+ series lent itself to her talents perfectly. Ozell thought about it briefly, as they tend to keep work and personal life separate.

Ozell made a comeo towards the conclusion of this week's Picard titled "Monsters," in which she and her band perform "Take You Down," the final figure on her 2020 album. Filmed in Five Star Bar (267 South Main Street) in Downtown Los Angeles, Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) is becoming stronger and more destructive as the Borg Queen takes greater control.

Ozell told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday that although she only spent one day on production, the experience was vast.

"To be true, I don't go to set very often because it feels like a sacred place," she tells THR. "These are people who work, and I don't want to be a tourist. So to actually go and be a part of it, holy crap! I really amazed how many people work so hard to make this happen."

The moment was also unique because the couple does not usually mix their professional and personal lives. However, star and executive producer Stewart recognized a golden opportunity for his wife to join the Star Trek fold. He just had to get rid of the blame.

"He read the episode, and we were driving after just getting some coffee," she expresses. "He was kind of hesitant to offer it because he knew I'd be reluctant [to accept], but he also saw how perfect it would be. I apologized to his fellow executive producers, which I was also fully appreciative. I said yes, and they all liked the idea, so we were off to the races."

"The lack of overlap is broken into what we both do. Somehow, when he is doing theater, where we can compare experiences on stage. "One thing that we both have to share is this horror, where suddenly you discover yourself on stage, and you did not do any rehearsal!" Ozell says.

Ozell expresses gratitude on the release of Overnight Lows on February 28, 2020, amid speculation that the band will be out for the duration of the epidemic.

At the storied Village Recorders, the 10-song Chitin Records album was recorded in New York City with Mike Piersante and Joseph Henry "T Bone" Burnett, both engineering and mixing the album. Mark Stepro on drums, Jonathan Flaugher on bass, Phil Kronengold on keys, and Mason Stoops on guitar.

"For the time being, the tune itself was a stunning, soothing, bluesy anthem," Ozell declares. "Episode director Joe Menendez voted it."

While she discussed her appearance, Ozell was quick to request zero spoilers, claiming that she hasn't seen the episode, and is having a viewing party with the band later in the evening. "I am just a special observer. I don't want to know what happens in season three. I'm not sure what happens next week."

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