'He Was the King of Too Soon,' Bill Maher says of Gilbert Gottfried

'He Was the King of Too Soon,' Bill Maher says of Gilbert Gottfried ...

is recognizing the late.

On Wednesday, Maher and the late night host talked about Gottfried, who on Tuesday, aged 67, developed a recurring ventricular tachycardia due to type II myotonic dystrophy.

Maher said that Gottfried was expected to perform on his New Year's Eve show in Hawaii, and that he's interested in getting to know him more personally.

Ive known him for 40 years. He was a difficult person to get to know well. I mean, he was so funny and so always on, Maher said, adding that despite spending "hundreds of hours" with Gottfried, he was always joking.

When Kimmel asked if he considered that Gottfried was one to never answer a question seriously, Maher agreed that it was "kind of that way."

"There are people I know an hour that I feel like I knew better than Gilbert," Maher said. And if the "persona" continued, Maher said at least he could have been laughing with him.

Kimmel shared the same sentiments of Gottfried always being on, and said, "I always made me feel kind of odd when I asked him a question, he would never give you a real answer, and in a way it felt like the message was, 'Why would I respond seriously when I might be funny right now?"

Maher described Gottfried as the "king of too soon" referring to a time when Gottfried "got into a world of trouble" after making a 9/11 joke at Hugh Hefner's roast. Kimmel noted that he was actually hosting the roast, which was taped shortly after the tragedy, and recalled Gottfried onstage and saying "some of the craziest things."

In recognition of Gottfried's legacy, Maher said he "really let him down by ignoring something completely inappropriate" to joke about his death, given that he'd probably expect everyone to handle it. Despite his conviction, he was humble enough to give him a shout-out during a recent airing of Real Time.

"I don't think he was likely to hear it," Maher said of last week's show mentioning the comedian. "But, you know, if I was a religious person I would say, you know, he kind of knows. "But I'm not, so screw that."

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