Big Sean on His Coachella Replaying for Pandemic-Era Crowds

Big Sean on His Coachella Replaying for Pandemic-Era Crowds ...

The Valley Music and Arts Festival is back three years after going dark in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Festivalgoers are once again descending on the desert during two long April weekends (April 15-17 and 22-24) for music, fashion, and flower crowns. Neon Carnival, Revolve Festival, Bootsy Bellows, Tao, and Soho House are among those joining the party.

In the midst of the pandemic, the "Wolves" rapper will perform his first solo set after appearing with Calvin Harris in 2016 and with 2 Chainz, YG, and DJ Mustard in 2019. Ahead of his show, the taper talked to THR about his rehearsal strategy, fashion prep, and crowds.

How do you feel about coming back to Coachella?

I feel like it will be a lot of fun. I am glad to see that a lot of people have been waiting on them, especially festival-goers.Coachella is a top-tier festival in the world, but without Coachella, you may not be able to mention festivals, so I am hopeful that people will be more enthralled and just turn up.

What is your performance's purpose?

I wanted to give people an idea. It is a very intentional set. One of the things I have on my side is that I have been here so long that I have some nostalgic songs and some songs that I feel will take people back and bring up some positive memories.

What sort of prep are you doing?

I've never performed since before, so we've been doing it a lot. I just want to keep it raw. When you do so, you just want to keep it true and raw. It's not a sports show, it's more of a conversation, and I respect that.

Are shows and crowds feeling similar to those that preceded the epidemic?

I'm glad this is, but the world has passed a lot, personally and together. It's also devastating, because some people who thought they wanted to go may not get to go because life is simply not giving them any breaks.

Coachella's fashion is a major component. Do you have specific outfits?

I've been talking to a few people, not hitting up people. One of my friends is [creative director] Matthew Williams at Givenchy, and I've been talking to him. I've also just talked to my friends Verbal and them at Ambush, just to see what direction I take. I also put some focus on it, for sure.

What exactly is attending a festival show versus attending a tour event?

I think that the most important factor about going to a festival, and discovering something that you may not see live, is the discovery component. I always keep that in mind for those who haven't heard me perform live, maybe [hearing] songs that they might really like. Even though some songs might be five years old, it might be the first time people are hearing it. I want to provide them that experience the best they can.

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