'Kardashians' EP Discussion Why the Show's Shorter Turnaround Was Proved 'Really Difficult To Do

'Kardashians' EP Discussion Why the Show's Shorter Turnaround Was Proved 'Really Difficult To Do ...

This time on Hulu, a new executive producer had a couple of goals for updating the show from the previous E! version.

At the premiere of The Hollywood Reporter on April 7, Kim will be single (now dating Pete Davidson), Kourtney will be dating Travis Barker (now married and not-yet-legally married), Khloe will have a connection with Tristan Thompson (now with romanticties tightly reduced) and Kylie will be pregnant. Several of the films, including the first and last episodes, have been altered by April.

Although Winston desired to release footage within a week or two or a month or two, he explained. It just became really difficult to do that, he said. First from when we started filming on Hulu, there's marketing and press involved and events like this, so that hasnt really happened. Its also really difficult because theres six of them at once, and theres one storyline at any time. Theres also a whole process, the Kardashians

One major change viewers will notice is the shooting style, using drone footage, a new soundtrack, and more casual one-on-one interviews than the previous episodes of the present show. Winston and his Fulwell 73 production company had never made a reality show prior to, and the EP revealed the series he used to for inspiration, including Netflix's Made in Mexico and The Parisian Agency, as well as the Million Dollar Listing background of showrunner Danielle King.

"It's about the Kardashians, and I wasn't sure if she'd be like that until the third time she met her, because I wanted to know her first as a showrunner." "It's about the Kardashians, and I was surprised by how quickly she realized that she was successful." "It's about the Kardashians, and I'm not sure if she'd be like that, or if she's not," Winston admits. "It's about

While Winston said his wife, a long-time fan of the E! series, has been his harshest critic, he hopes the next series will appeal to both old and new viewers.

For us, it was a real challenge of what we could do to it. The last show was fantastic, so even if we just shot it, it would be fantastic, Winston said. But I hope that people will discover the stories more vivid today, and the soundtrack is fantastic, and we hope that our fans will feel confident in the show. And then on Hulu, however, they can be sure to have a whole new audience.

The Kardashians' debut video is now streaming on Hulu.

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