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Air traffic in China increased in March by 70% to February

Air traffic in China increased in March by 70% to February

In March, the volume of passenger air traffic in China increased by almost 70% compared to February and averaged 450,000 passengers per day, a representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of China said.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the country's civil aviation planes carried about 2 million passengers a day and operated 173,000 flights, the official recalled. Since January 23, traffic has been sharply reduced due to restrictions imposed to combat infection.

The minimum was reached on February 13, when daily passenger traffic totaled only 132,900 passengers and 3,931 flights per day, which is respectively 93.2% and 77.2% less than the previous figures. Traffic began to recover at the end of February.

From April 15 to 21, the average daily passenger traffic of civil aviation recovered to 53,090 passengers, which is 15.8% more than in March, and amounted to about 30.5% of the same period last year. The number of daily flights reached 6,993, which is 7% more than in March.

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