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Malta Has Resumed The Hunting Of Migratory Birds Despite The Quarantine

Malta Has Resumed The Hunting Of Migratory Birds Despite The Quarantine

Against the background of ongoing quarantine measures due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Maltese authorities made an unexpected decision: to open the spring bird hunting season. As reported by Reuters, the government of the island state did not explain it in any way.

The media noted that the permit was lobbied by the country's influential Federation of Maltese hunters. They claim that "the coronavirus will not spread across the country if the fowlers go shooting in nature alone or pairs." Also, licenses will not be issued to people with chronic diseases or over 65 years of age.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health of Malta reacted negatively to this step, because the General requirements for self-isolation were not canceled. Besides, the police who monitor the observance of the quarantine regime are not legally authorized to control activities that are regulated by hunting legislation. Animal rights activists are also outraged. The shooting of birds poses a direct threat to migratory birds, which at this time of year follow their routes through the Mediterranean. Euronews reports that a rare predator - a Marsh Harrier from the hawk family-was recently illegally killed on the island. This story caused such a public outcry that four Maltese Newspapers issued a General appeal to the Prime Minister of Malta to withdraw the decision.

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