The Sports Bra, Portland's first women's sports bar, opens Friday

The Sports Bra, Portland's first women's sports bar, opens Friday ...

The Sports Bra (2512 N.E. Broadway) opens its doors to the public Friday, but Jenny Nguyen, the bar's founder, believes it might be.

"Hopefully not for long," Nguyen said in a press preview of the Northeast Portland area.

The Sports Bra is expanding its coverage of women's sports. Thursday, gymnastics and basketball will feature the Portland Thorns on Saturday, as well as a soccer match and a livestream of a football game.

Nguyen came up with the name for her dream bar years ago after seeing a championship game at a sports bar with no sound while a group of friends screamed and celebrated.

Starting Friday, there will be at least one place in Portland where no one will have to ask someone to turn on the women's game.

Jenny Nguyen, owner of The Sports Bra, a bar and restaurant dedicated to women's sports, poses for a photo on Monday, February 22, 2022. Vickie Connor/The Oregonian

"It really has taken a village," Nguyen said of her crew, claiming them to be "the best employees on the planet."

The village of Girls Build is home to her cousin who painted a large mural on one wall, and the girls of Girls Build who built the green picnic tables outside.

Nguyen is bracing for what will be held on Friday. She has been enthusiastic about the menu, and she knows it might impact huge crowds. The menu is planned (including a drink called the Title X, and another called the Triple Axel in honor of Tonya Harding) and there will be.

Doors open at 11 a.m.

Lizzy Acker


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