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Berlin Residents Will Be Required To Wear Masks From April 27

Berlin Residents Will Be Required To Wear Masks From April 27

Berlin authorities have decided to make it mandatory to wear masks on public transport from April 27.

As the portal notes, the Senate of Berlin decided on such a measure to slow down the epidemic of a new type of coronavirus. At the same time, unlike the other German States, the authorities did not extend this requirement to retail chains, where people will continue to be able to stay without masks.

The decision of the Senate notes that the "mask" refers not only to special medical masks that can be purchased in pharmacies but also sewn independently. Also, the "mask" will be considered a scarf or even a handkerchief tied on the face. The publication notes that representatives of some political parties, in particular the "greens", were skeptical about the new rule. In their opinion, not everyone will be able to comply with this requirement, since masks are still a shortage in the city.

Similar requirements will be met from April 27 in other German cities, in particular in Potsdam, located in the vicinity of Berlin. There, however, residents will have to wear masks when going to stores. As the mayor of Potsdam, Mike Schubert, noted, there is a high growth rate of coronavirus cases in the city.

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