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The President Of Rwanda Predicted A Slow Recovery From The Coronavirus In Africa

The President Of Rwanda Predicted A Slow Recovery From The Coronavirus In Africa

Rwandan President Paul Kagame believes that Africa will need "a generation or more" to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. He said this in an interview with the American edition of the Financial Times.

Kagame also called for swift and decisive action by the international community to help the Black continent cope with the consequences of the disease, in particular - to avoid serious depression.

Earlier, the World Bank predicted that Africa, due to the coronavirus, will fall into the first continent-wide recession in a quarter of a century due to a decrease in global demand for commodities - the main source of income for many African countries. The result may be "cascading defaults" of African States.

the President of Rwanda also believes that suspending debt payments by the poorest countries until the end of the year (such a measure was promised at the G20 meeting last week) is not enough, and that "more" support is needed. At the same time, Kagame stressed that it is not about writing off or deferring debts as an end in itself. "If there are other support mechanisms that promise good results, this is great. The main thing is the stimulus itself, not its mechanism."

As the who said last week, although there are a total of about 17,000 cases of coronavirus and about 900 deaths from it in Africa so far, the number of infected people on the continent could grow to 10 million over the next three to six months. At the same time, the head of the WHO emergency response program in Africa, Michel Yao, warned that it is very difficult to make forecasts. For example, the Ebola epidemic was expected to claim far more lives than it turned out.

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