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Elizabeth Ii Celebrates Her 94th Birthday "Remotely"

Elizabeth Ii Celebrates Her 94th Birthday "Remotely"

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is 94 years old. As a rule, she celebrates her birthday modestly with her family. Lavish celebrations on this occasion take place only at the beginning of summer. However, today Her Majesty will spend this day as modestly as possible, in self-isolation, accepting congratulations via video link.

And then - not from everyone, but only from relatives who, due to quarantine measures, will not be able to visit the Queen on this day. They will contact her using the Zoom program, where, according to the Sun newspaper, they will have a real "virtual party." Next to Elizabeth will only be her 98-year-old husband, with whom they are "locked" in quarantine at Windsor castle.

This day will be in every sense unprecedented for Britain. The coronavirus forced the Queen to abandon the festive artillery salvos that thundered in London every April 21 for 68 years of her reign. She considered them inappropriate in the context of a raging pandemic. Also, it was customary to fly the British flag over all government buildings on this day, but this time Her Majesty ordered that this formality be waived if it could not be performed without violating the recommended distance.

Recall that in the UK, the monarch's birthday is celebrated twice: on the ruler's birthday itself and the first, second or even third Saturday in June (the so-called official birthday). It is the official birthday that is marked by lavish celebrations and parades. The tradition of dividing this solemn date into two was born in Britain back in 1748 when King George II decided to move the parade in honor of his birthday due to... weather. The monarch was born in November and did not want to "freeze" the participants of the festivities. Since then, the birthday of British kings and Queens is traditionally celebrated in a warmer time of the year, in late May or early June - then you can certainly not lose the weather.

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