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The Italian Government Will Conduct A Test Of The Population's Endurance For Self-Isolation

The Italian Government Will Conduct A Test Of The Population's Endurance For Self-Isolation

The authorities are accused of underestimating the danger of the pandemic, which led to many victims, Corriere della Sera writes. However, as noted, it is time to relax the quarantine, so as not to suffocate the economy. The test will give you an answer on how to proceed with security measures. One of the questions asked in the questionnaire is: "do you feel lonely and how much time do you spend idly doing nothing?"

The government decided to extend the quarantine until May 3. After that, the gradual easing will begin. The Cabinet made it clear that the companies will resume work before removing restrictions for citizens.

According to experts, the country has never faced such an emergency from an individual, social and economic point of view since the Second world war. In particular, it was reported about coffins that were taken away by army trucks, about Milan, where the number of dead was five times higher than the statistics of the war years. This raises concerns about how long it will take to return to normal life before effective drugs or vaccines are available.

Consultations between the government and the scientific community are due to take place on Wednesday. "We are exploring how we can live safely with the virus in the coming months," said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. According to him, there are discussions on this issue between the Cabinet, regions, representatives of industry and trade unions.

Tentatively scheduled to begin the renewal work of the majority of businesses and offices. However, if possible, companies should make maximum use of the home office. Only a limited number of passengers can use public transport. Parks that have been closed since March 10 will reopen, although to a limited extent. Bars, restaurants and other public places will wait for their time.

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