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The WHO Stated That There Is No Evidence Of COVID-19 Artificial Origin

The WHO Stated That There Is No Evidence Of COVID-19 Artificial Origin

Data available to experts do not suggest that the CAVID-19 coronavirus appeared due to targeted human activity, Fadela Chaib, a representative of the World Health Organization (WHO), told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday.

"All available evidence indicates that the virus is of animal origin, it is not a modified or engineered virus in the laboratory or anywhere else. It is probably an animal virus," the British edition of The Guardian quotes her as saying.

She noted that it is still unclear how this virus overcame the species barrier, spreading from the original carrier to the human population. She added that in this case, the virus used an intermediate carrier.

Earlier, Fox News reported, citing unnamed sources, that the US is conducting a full-scale investigation into whether the Wuhan laboratory is the likely source of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, as Fox News has emphasized, at this stage, the administration and US Intelligence reject the possibility that the coronavirus could have been artificially created in China as something like a biological weapon.

US President Donald Trump has previously suggested that China and VAZ may have been hiding important information about the coronavirus, which led to countries not immediately correctly assessing the scale of the threat. The United States earlier in April suspended funding for who while an investigation was conducted into whether the international organization was functioning effectively.

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