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Google Will Pay Publishers About $1 Billion In The Next Three Years

Google Will Pay Publishers About $1 Billion In The Next Three Years

Google has announced a new partnership program with publishing houses that publish news content. The initial Fund of the initiative will be $1 billion, which will be paid to the media over the next three years.

The company intends to launch a new product Google News Showcase — a platform for news from the media, with which the Corporation has entered into a partnership agreement. The partnership assumes that the publisher provides its materials, and in return receives a fee from Google. Moreover, some publications that are available only to paid subscribers on the publication's website will also be open for free viewing to Showcase users.

The initiative was first announced in June. At that time, we were talking about partnerships with three publishers. But now their number has already reached 200, and Google intends to continue to increase the number of partners among the media.

Currently, Google News Showcase is only available to users of the Google News app on Android in Brazil and Germany. Later, the company intends to add support for iOS and PC, as well as make the service available through the search engine.

It’s equally important to Google’s mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Over the last several years, we’ve taken many steps to support the news industry, from sending 24 billion visits to news websites globally every month, to the Google News Initiative’s $300 million commitment, including emergency funding for local publishers globally to help with the impact of COVID-19 and our Digital Growth Program aimed at small and medium-sized publishers to accelerate their business growth.

But there is more to do. Today I’m proud to announce Google is building on our long-term support with an initial $1 billion investment in partnerships with news publishers and the future of news.

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