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UEFA Allowed Filling The Stands By Almost A Third

UEFA Allowed Filling The Stands By Almost A Third

The Union of European football associations (UEFA) has allowed the admission of spectators to match under the auspices of the organization in the amount of 30% of the total capacity, according to a press release of the organization.

Fans will be able to return to the stands with the consent of the local authorities.

"The UEFA Executive Committee made a decision today... allow partial refunds of spectators if this is following local laws, starting with national team matches next week. The number of spectators will be limited to 30% of the stadium's capacity," UEFA said.

At the same time, fans of guest teams will not be allowed to enter the stadiums.

"Social distance will be mandatory for spectators, and additional precautions, such as wearing masks, should be taken under local regulations," the organization added.

Matches under the auspices of UEFA were interrupted in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competition was resumed in August without the admission of spectators.

Both the admission of fans and the capacity limit are subject to decision of local authorities. UEFA matches cannot be played with spectators where local authorities do not allow it and the limit of 30% may be reached only where the limit set by local authorities is not lower, in which case such limit would apply.

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