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Hyundai Crews Won The Class And Took The Podium At The Race "2020 24 Hours Nürburgring"

Hyundai Crews Won The Class And Took The Podium At The Race "2020 24 Hours Nürburgring"

The Veloster N TCR crew, representing the Hyundai Motorsport N team, won the TCR class of the "24 hours of Nurburgring" race Hyundai Team Engstler's i30 Fastback N car dominated the SP3T class and crossed the finish line with two crews from the TCR Category Against the background of the pandemic. The race took place with a minimum number of spectators on September 29, 2020.

The Hyundai Motorsport N team was among the winners in the TCR class at the "24 hours of Nurburgring" race thanks to the Veloster N TCR crew consisting of Marc Basseng, Manuel Lauck, Moritz Oestreich, and Peter Terting. In the SP3T class, the Hyundai Team Engstler team showed complete superiority over its rivals, winning a bright victory behind the wheel of the i30 Fastback N.

Two TCR cars produced by the Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing division started from the first two places in their class and led until the first changes of drivers. The Veloster N TCR and i30 N TCR lost the advantage due to minor technical problems, which the drivers tried to make up for until the very end of the race.

At night, Manuel Lauk at the wheel of the Veloster N TCR was able to regain the lead, which lasted until a repeat of the previous technical problem with the car. The task of catching up with competitors was made more difficult due to heavy rain and fog, which forced the organizers to display red flags shortly after the start of the seventh hour of the race. As a result, the pilots had less time to catch up. The gap between the Veloster N TCR crew and the class leader has grown to a full circle.

After resuming the race in the morning, Peter Terting in the No. 831 car quickly returned the Veloster to one lap with the leader and began confidently closing the gap. After the weather conditions improved, thanks to the confident piloting and well-coordinated work of the team, the gap became less than four minutes. At the crucial moment in his segment, Moritz Ostreich was able to show the best lap time in the class. However, it started raining again, and the team failed to eliminate the gap, resulting in "silver" in the class.

The i30 N TCR's fight for high-class places ended after a black flag for exceeding the noise level. The team fixed the problem during the break by returning the car to the race for a restart. Four drivers – Manuel Lauk, Antti Buri, Luca Engstler, and Hari Proczyk – maintained a great Pace in the remaining hours and finished fourth in the TCR class.

The third Hyundai crew won in its class with an overwhelming advantage. Drivers Marc Ehret, Kai Jordan, and Markus Lungstrass of Hyundai Team Engstler, driving the i30 Fastback N, led the SP3T class throughout the race, even though their cars were much more powerful. By the finish, the crew's advantage had grown to four laps. The drivers finished the race brightly and crossed the finish line in the center of the track, flanked by two Hyundai TCR cars.

"The 24 hours of Nurburgring race was again incredibly difficult, but we once again brought Hyundai Motorsport to the podium in the TCR class. It's a shame that the Veloster N TCR lost a lap due to red flags. But the reliability of the chassis that we offer to our customers, as well as the speed of the pilots and the level of work of the team, allowed us to get closer to the opponent. Unfortunately, we were not able to eliminate the remaining gap and achieve the desired result. The Hyundai Team Engstler team performed amazingly. They dominated the class, where their rivals were more powerful cars. Everyone in the team can be proud of the result – this is a clear demonstration of the capabilities of the i30 Fastback N and the entire N line," said Andrea Adamo, Director of Hyundai Motorsport.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year's 24 hours of Nurburgring race took place with a minimal number of spectators. The online broadcast could be viewed on the website throughout the race.

The race was held on the famous" Northern loop "of the Nurburgring, called the "green hell" – a complex track with a length of over 24 km with 73 turns, narrow sections, many ascents, and sharp turns. The winner of the race is the one who overcomes the maximum distance in 24 hours. The marathon is the most difficult test of the reliability and driving qualities of the participating cars.

This was the fifth consecutive appearance of the Hyundai Motorsport N team in the annual "24 hours of Nurburgring" race. In 2019, the team brought their cars to the podium in two classes.

"Born in Namyang and grown up in the Nurburgring, we are proud to speak of the Hyundai N brand," said Albert Biermann, President and head of research at Hyundai Motor Group. – We adhere to the highest standards when developing N brand products. That is why we chose the legendary "Northern loop" of the Nurburgring to test and improve the power plants, chassis, suspension, and braking system, as well as to ensure the optimal driving balance of Hyundai n sports cars. It is impossible to separate the Nurburgring from the history of the creation of N. The Nurburgring is a real second home for us."

Hyundai N is a young sub-brand of Hyundai Motor, under which sports cars are produced. Soon, five new N models and more than ten versions of the N Line will be added to the brand's line. High-performance N cars have won numerous races in the FIA world rally Championships, regional and national TCR circuit racing series, and the Nürburgring NLS series. They repeatedly took places on the podium of the race "24 hours of Nurburgring."

A key feature of all Hyundai N models is the ability to demonstrate excellent results on the track, which confirms Hyundai's desire to give customers a sense of real racing dynamics behind the wheel of a car. The N brand conducts technical development and continuous optimization of its products at the Hyundai technical center in Nurburgring. Participation in the "24 hours of Nurburgring" race allows the company to demonstrate the highest reliability of n cars.

24 hours of Nurburgring 2020 – final standings (preliminary results):

No. 831 – Veloster N TCR – 26th place, 77 laps, 2nd place in the TCR class

Basseng/The Country/Ostrich/Testing.

No. 165 – i30 Fastback N – 55th place, 70 laps, 1st place in the SP3T class


No. 830 – i30 N TCR – 56th place, 70 laps, 4th place in the TCR class


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