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Residents Of Westchester County Filed A Lawsuit Against The WHO

Residents Of Westchester County Filed A Lawsuit Against The WHO

Residents of Westchester County in New York state filed a joint lawsuit in Federal court against the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing it of hiding data about the coronavirus pandemic, according to Fox News.

The plaintiffs are Richard Kling, Steve Rotker and Gennaro Porchia, who require compensation for the harm it caused to the victims of the coronavirus to the Americans. In their opinion, the organization not only took several wrong actions to prevent the pandemic but also participated in hiding information about the true scale of the outbreak in China. As a result, "WHO contributed to the spread of coronavirus around the world, including in the United States and New York state," the text of the lawsuit, which quotes the TV channel. The amount of compensation required is not specified in the document.

Westchester County is bordered by New York City to the North. Here is the town of new Rochelle-actually a suburb of New York, where the spread of the coronavirus in the metropolis began. Two of the three initiators of the lawsuit live in new Rochelle. According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, 776 people infected with the coronavirus have died in New Rochelle since the beginning of the pandemic.

Last week, US President Donald Trump said that he had instructed the administration to suspend contributions to the WHO budget "pending an assessment of the organization's role in mismanagement and concealment of data on the spread of the coronavirus." According to him, due to incorrect estimates and recommendations of the organization, 20 times more people than could have been infected with the coronavirus in the world.

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