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Berlusconi Failed To Defeat The Coronavirus

Berlusconi Failed To Defeat The Coronavirus

A positive test result for the presence of coronavirus infection was again received by the former Prime Minister of Italy, the leader of the "Forward, Italy" party, Silvio Berlusconi, on September 26, Il Messaggero newspaper reports.

Thus, the politician is still infected with the coronavirus from the first diagnosis on September 2. According to the publication, Berlusconi has a syndrome of increased fatigue, but in general, he feels good. However, now the untreated virus has caused the cancellation of all celebrations planned for Berlusconi's birthday on September 29. On this day, he will be 84 years old.

It's worth noting that the former Prime Minister is currently in isolation in a Villa in Arcore. Together with him, his new girlfriend, 30-year-old MP Marta Fashina, who has already recovered from the coronavirus, self-isolated.

Recall that Berlusconi's doctor announced that the politician received the first positive test on September 2, after which he left for home self-isolation. Later, the party leader was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia at an early stage and left the hospital only on September 14. Berlusconi himself admitted that at some point, the disease took a dangerous form, and he began to worry about his life.

Berlusconi left the post of Prime Minister in 2011. He served four times as head of the Italian Cabinet, becoming the very first multi-billionaire to head a European government. Currently, he is a member of the European Parliament.

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