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Milan Fashion Week: Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls, And Others At The "Underwater" Versace Show

Milan Fashion Week: Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls, And Others At The "Underwater" Versace Show

Milan fashion week continues, with the Versace spring/summer collection showing on Friday night. Irina Shayk, Joan Smalls, Adut Akech, Imaan Hammam took the podium. Announcing the launch of the new collection Donatella Versace is all invited to the mysterious city Versatables.

In fact, it turned out to be an underwater Kingdom. To be more precise, the scenery of the show represented the ruins of a civilization on the seafloor, but on which a new life was born. Bright colors and crystals glittered in the silent blue. Read more about the show in our article.

In the next season, according to the designer, it is clearly worth despising any sense of proportion and putting on all the best at once. And there is an assumption that if next summer is even a little bit normal, everyone will do exactly that, and no one will be ashamed of it. Maximum prints, combinations of yellow and green, multi-colored stripes, flaming orange, and dazzling fuchsia-all this and even more was on the catwalk.

The marine theme was supported by sconces in the form of shells, decorative inlays in the form of sea stars and frills that swayed as they moved, so that picturesque underwater shots somewhere on coral reefs immediately come to mind.

Donatella is known to be very sensitive to her brother's legacy. This time, too, the collection echoed Gianni Versace's spring-summer 1992 archive collection, which also had a Maritime theme: there were also sconces-shells and prints in the form of sea stars.

By the way, Donatella herself has recently played up this theme — in the spring-summer 2018 collection, which was entirely dedicated to the Versace archives, there was also a place for the reference collection Trésor de la Mer.

While some brands have begun to adapt collections to life in the face of the pandemic, turning to looser silhouettes or drawing inspiration from the style of uniforms, Donatella firmly stands by her idea of women's fashion: short skirts, tight seductive dresses, cleavage, trains, high heels.

And indeed, the Versace show has turned out to be one of the most exciting so far. Netizens, who followed the broadcast of the show, shared their feelings.

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