From Bay City's artist-in-residence, you can learn about printmaking

From Bay City's artist-in-residence, you can learn about printmaking ...

BAY CITY, MI - The artist-in-residence of Bay City has invited the community to learn about printmaking.

Jay Handy was established as the Bay City artist-in-residence back in July, 2021 as part of Studio 23's new artist-in-residence project. The project at Studio 23 is being funded by the Bay Area Community Foundation.

Handy is returning to his hometown to create a series of nostalgic works reimagining and commemorating Bay City's history and legacy through printmaking using vintage photographs.

On Saturday, March 26, participants will learn the'chine colle' printmaking, according to Studio 23, and will be sent through a press with a sheet of art paper, leaving the artist with their original artwork to show.

A $5 payment is required for the use of a workshop and space is limited. Spaces may be reserved by calling Studio 23 at 989-894-2323.

As part of his residency as artist, Handy is currently attempting to use submitted photos to develop pieces as part of his exhibit entitled "This Must Bet the Place." According to the Bay City Times, Handy was previously asked the Bay City community to dig through their family archives and albums and to submit photos that he may use in his printing process.

On Friday, March 25, Handy's final photographs utilizing these submitted photographs will be on display at Studio 23 from March 24 - May 14. A gallery walk-and-talk with Handy will be held at 4:15 p.m. and an opening reception.

To learn more about Handy's work and project

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