Prince Harry initiates a lawsuit against the UK newspaper publisher

Prince Harry initiates a lawsuit against the UK newspaper publisher ...

Prince Harry is suing Associated Newspapers, one of the UK's largest newspaper publishers, for a calamity after a newspaper article alleging that he tried to keep details of his legal battle to reintroduce his police protection secret from the public.

Harry, Queen Elizabeth's grandson, and his American wife Meghan left royal duties in 2020 to pursue new careers in Los Angeles. Since then, the couple have now relied on a private security team.

In January, his legal representatives said that these arrangements did not provide the prince the protection he needed while visiting England, and that he wanted to pay for police protection.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Harry is suing the Mail on Sunday after an article published on February 20 alleging that he sought a confidentiality order on documents and witness statements.

On Sunday, a spokesperson for Harry said he was suing Associated Newspapers and the Daily Mail's publisher. But the spokesperson stated that there were no details about which of the two titles being sued or why.

The Associated Press has declined to comment.

Meghan, who is now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, fled to California for two years to live a more independent life. Harry has previously stated that the "toxic" British press had been causing his mental health to be hampered.

Meghan received a claim against the Mail on Sunday last year, after it included excerpts from a handwritten letter she sent to her ex-wife in 2018.

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