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Russian And British Diplomats Discussed The Situation In Belarus And The Navalny Case

Russian And British Diplomats Discussed The Situation In Belarus And The Navalny Case

Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov discussed the situation in Belarus and the case of Russian blogger Alexey Navalny on Wednesday by phone with the British foreign office's Minister of State for Europe and America Wendy Morton, according to the Russian diplomatic service.

During a telephone conversation initiated by the British side, the diplomats exchanged views on several other issues, in particular, the situation in Belarus. "The Russian side emphasized the inadmissibility of any interference in the internal political processes in this country, attempts to destabilize and impose unilateral mediation services from the outside and pointed out the need to allow the Belarusian people to decide on the organization of a national dialogue," the Foreign Ministry said.

"In response to a question about the alleged poisoning of Navalny, it was noted that Russian specialists and competent authorities are ready to work closely with the German side in the framework of legal assistance, which Berlin is avoiding," the Ministry added.

Senior diplomats also reviewed the state of bilateral relations. Moscow stated that the Russian side during the conversation pointed out the inadmissibility of hostile rhetoric of British officials against the Russian Federation. Instead, the Russian Federation suggests that the UK take concrete actions to improve interaction and build a foundation for the formation of a positive story in bilateral relations.

"We confirmed our mutual interest in cooperation in the framework of multilateral efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic and global climate change," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

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