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The US Has Expanded Sanctions Against Russian Citizens And Companies

The US Has Expanded Sanctions Against Russian Citizens And Companies

The US Treasury Department added eight Russians and natives of Russia to the sanctions lists. Three of them, according to the Agency, are connected with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin — Yevgeny Khodotov, Alexander Kuzin, and Dmitry Syty.

The companies they work for — the Russian M-Finance LLC (Saint Petersburg) and Lobaye Invest from the Central African Republic (CAR)- are charged with a connection with the private military company Wagner's PMCs. The mentioned legal entities are also included in the sanctions list.

The US Treasury also imposed sanctions on JSC "NPP PT "Okeanos" (Saint Petersburg) and its employees in Saint Petersburg Elena Ivanova, Nadezhda Kuchumova, and Vladislav Zanin, who work for JSC" NPP PT "Okeanos" (Saint Petersburg). The company, which develops equipment for underwater technical work, supplied equipment for use in Crimea in 2015, the Agency said.

Other legal entities included in the sanctions lists include companies from Finland Acex Oy, Gch Finland Oy, Optima Freight Oy, and Unicum Trade Oy. According to the US Treasury Department, Optima Freight provided services for the delivery of deep-sea equipment to the Russian company Divetechnoservice, which is under sanctions. In January 2018, Optima Freight, according to the Ministry, helped Divetechnoservice get a diving complex worth $150 thousand. The US Treasury has imposed personal sanctions against the founder of Optima Freight, a Finnish citizen Nikita Kovalevsky, who also serves as Managing Director in three other Finnish companies.

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