Dave Grohl Explains His Pre-Show Slow Slow

Dave Grohl Explains His Pre-Show Slow Slow ...

The vocalist was formed ahead of the release of the new horror film,. The film, which premieres this Friday, February 25, portrays the band playing fictional versions of themselves in their music. Medicine At Midnight is the band's 10th studio album.

Foo Fighters released a song titled "" from Studio 666's soundtrack, which was recorded under the alias Dream Widow. The song contains death metal, with Grohl screaming most of the vocals. Corden asked him how he can scream on those kinds of tracks without damaging his vocal cords.

I am encumbered to scream my balls of for three hours a night, Grohl said, before punching on the wooden table and describing his warm-up routine:

"My warm-up begins one hour before the show. I open a beer and then within ten to 15 minutes, I grind whiskey. So I get another beer and then have one more shot. So I finish the beer, because I want to keep the cold one on hold. Then I go scream for three hours and order pizza."

Grohl claims that he would not recommend this pre-show experience to other musicians, "but f*ck it, it works for me."

Check out the video below.

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