The Perseverance Rover, a NASA photo, depicts the litter that dropped on Mars

The Perseverance Rover, a NASA photo, depicts the litter that dropped on Mars ...

On February 16, 2022, NASA's Perseverance rover photographed a discarded piece.

The Perseverance rover has captured something that might be alarming if you don't know the context. It depicts a fairly standard stretch of dusty and rocky Martian landscape, but there's something out of place. Something totally made by humans. It's supposed to be there.

The cylindrical object is a rover ditched in July last year. "This particular drill bit was installed before the launch, to close out the drill, and keep the inside protected," says the rover. "I'm leaving it aside before I start collecting samples with new, pristine drill bits."

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UFO hoax-buster earlier this week and found out what happened.

Hey what is the object in Mars Perseverance's RAW image (Sol 353) purchased on February 16, 2022? A proof of ancient aliens as exposed on these days by some UFO grifters? No, it's a drill bit deliberately dropped by, as exposed here:

Since Percy originally photographed the bit, the bit has dropped over on its side. There are also some of the rover's wheel tracks in the picture.

This is the only piece of space on Mars for the rover. In March 2021, the equipment was used to protect its sampling system during landing.

These items might one day be of interest for space archeologists. Of course, the rovers themselves will stick around on Mars long after their missions have ended, and the little pieces they leave along the way will be historical markers of their movement across the red planet.

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