In this article, the articles recalled genuine memories of Jackson Ave.; Dump Davis in the Bayonne election; Bravest's death is a real loss for Jersey City | Letters

In this article, the articles recalled genuine memories of Jackson Ave.; Dump Davis in the Bayonne e ...

Many thanks for sharing your fond memories of Jackson Ave.

I agree with Stephen McMillian's recommendations and suggestions in his recent paper entitled "Revised."

I, like Mr. McMillian, lived on the corner of Stegman Street and then-Jackson Avenue. I even remember the trolley tracks on Jackson Avenue; however, the trolleys were discontinued, and the public service bus, the No. 7 and No. 8 Jackson, harmed our communities.

Yes, between 1950 and 1970, there were many, many businesses on Jackson Avenue, including bakery, delis, and clothing shops.

Roy's Restaurant with its open hot dog grill, John's Bargain Store, and A&P Supermarkets (one on Bayview and Jackson, the other on Warner and Jackson).

The sidewalks at Sacred Heart Church were filled with people coming and buying the Mirror, Journal American, Herald Tribune, these newspapers long gone on a Sunday morning. In fact, during the week on Jackson Avenue, there were two deliveries of The Jersey Journal, morning and afternoon editions, and the cost of the paper was five cents.

One day, Earl Morgan, the late but fantastic (heartbroken Jersey Journal reporter and columnist) slept for about an hour, both of us naming the many people and events on Jackson Avenue that he and his wife had witnessed over the years. Both Earl and I continued to reside in his neighborhood as do I currently.

In the earliest moments, these memories are held admirably for everyone.

A song from Barbara Steisand "The Way We Were" states that things were much simpler then, but time has rewritten every line. Yes, the memories of the old Jackson Avenue are so important and treasured.

Jersey City, Robert B. Knapp

Mayor Davis should be thrown out of Bayonne.

On February 17, there were some recent comments by Bayonne Mayor Davis about City development with a lot of laughter.

Its time to get a certain new work on the way, said a customer.

BS is the same as he said when he was up for re-election last time. He pledged then to curtail the giving of PILOTs. As soon as he was re-elected, his office door was open to all developers.

I hope that voters in Bayonne have slashed their electoral rhetoric and will not fall for the remainder of his campaign rhetoric. However, a clean slate must be elected for the city council, as they worked hand-in-hand with the mayor in granting all developers' wishes in the last few years.

We don't need 20-story buildings in our city as we do not want to become a mini-NYC skyline. This is not what this city is about, and certainly is not the city we all met. On Avenue E, you can see the effect the multiple six-story buildings have on congestion and the city's heritage. Today it's becoming a concrete jungle, where the sun sometimes does not shine through.

Has there been really a lot of improvement in the last eight years? Higher taxes, greater crime, more construction, more congestion, and reduced living standards. Is this what you need for another four years?

I urge voters in this area not to fall for campaign promises, because as we saw in the last election, they all get discarded when re-elected.

Bayonne, David Falandys

On Thursday, December 16, 2021, the Jersey City Fire Department held a Celebration of Life memorial service for Battalion Chief John T. Ruddy. (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)

Bravest's death is a real loss for Jersey City.

Recently, the Jersey City Fire Department and the citizens of Jersey City lost one of their Bravest in the line of duty. John Ruddy, a 28-year career firefighter, died suddenly shortly after finishing his 24-hour tour of duty. Under federal law, the death of a first responder is considered a line of duty death.

John leaves behind a caring wife, Geeta, and Asha, a beautiful daughter.

Back in 1994, I was responsible for the recruitment, training, and processing of all entry-level candidates. John was always one of the first ones at practice sessions and one of the last ones to leave. He was always eager to learn in order to start his career as a firefighter. He often spoke about following in his father's footsteps.

After a successful career, his father, John Ruddy Jr., has resigned from the Jersey City Fire Department as a battalion manager. I was fortunate to work with his father, and I know firsthand where John Jr. was successful.

Chief Ruddy was an accomplished artist who painted several murals in Jersey City. He was always the subject of conversation in the art community. In his passion for art, John would travel to different nations around the world. One of his other abilities included the ability to speak several languages.

John was a mainstay here in Jersey City for the majority of his life. His steadfast dedication to the Jersey City community is unbearable. His total attendance at his celebration of life speaks volumes about a man who loved his family, the arts, and was a loyal member of the Jersey City Fire Department. His legacy will never be forgotten.

Asha G. Ruddy was raised a scholarship fund for his daughter. If someone wants to donate, they may check them out by email. David Gonzalez, Esq., Yorkville Advisors, 1012 Springfield Ave., Mountainside, NJ 07092.

Former Director, Jersey City Fire & Emergency Services Armando Roman, Armando Roman, Jersey City, Former Director

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