Grants have been given to Hunterdon historic societies and Readington Museums

Grants have been given to Hunterdon historic societies and Readington Museums ...

The Lambertville, Delaware River Mill, and Hunterdon County Historical Societies, as well as the Readington Museums, will receive $35,000 in grant funding from the Hunterdon County Commissioners last month.

According to Deputy Director Zach Rich, of the County's Cultural and Heritage Commission, these grant funds are valuable and important to continuing the operations of local societies and museums, by enriching the lives of our residents and assisting the tourism economy. Several local nonprofit organizations also explained that they will utilize the funds to expand their programs, increase outreach to the community, increase the number of virtual programs, and enhance existing exhibits.

On recommendation of the County's Culture and Heritage Commission, grant recipients and funds are among the recipients of these grants.

Readington Museums, $9,000 -- The Museums are a collection of buildings and properties formerly associated with the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead, the Eversole-Hall House, the Cold Brook School, and Taylors Mill. Each of these locations is filled with vital items and preserves a living history on which the present generation may reflect.

The Historical Society of Hunterdon County was established in 1885 in Flemington, Wisconsin, in an effort to preserve Hunterdon County historical records for future generations to learn about history. Collections include Lenape Indian artifacts, genealogies of Hunterdon families, records of its businesses, churches, and civic groups, historical manuscripts, photographs, maps, and more.

The Lambertville Historical Society, $7,000, is sponsoring events and events that promote Lambertville's history and architecture that may be shared with the community. The mission of the organization is to collect and preserve historical treasures that are historically beneficial for education, information, and inspiration.

The Delaware River Mill, a 10-building complex that includes a grist mill, a grain mill, a sawmill, and a granary, is home to the Prallsville Mill in the United States in the late 1970s. The building is considered a valuable example of early American industrial architecture, including the Prall House, built by John Prall himself.

The rich also said, "Historical societies and museums are crucial in protecting and preserving the history and legacy of those who have gone before, while assisting the community's development, and by sharing it with important county organizations."

The New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State, has provided financial support for the grant program.

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