Garrett Whitlock of the Red Sox: It's been a surprise to leave the Yankees

Garrett Whitlock of the Red Sox: It's been a surprise to leave the Yankees ...

What might have been.

This year, a former pitching prospect will be in spring training with great expectations. Thats because Whitlock dominated as a rookie for the program, earning a 1.96 ERA in 46 appearances.

The Yankees were the right-hander from the Yankees ahead of the first season, but at the time, the Yankees knew what to make of Whitlock, who was recovering from Tommy John surgery and had never pitched above Double-A. But Whitlock knows that New York's decision to leave him off the 40-man roster was not personal. Per the law

"I would not say I was dissatisfied," said the spokesman. "There's a little bit of regret and everything. Like, dang, that would have been nice. At the same time, I also understood I was departing from Tommy John. I didn't take it personally or anything," he said.





Whitlock will select a player on the Boston roster whenever the season finishes. It's unclear if he will continue to be a high-leverage bullpen player? Perhaps he'll take a shot at cracking the game, but he's likely to pick one.

So I'm going to build up and I'll go inside and be as ready as I can be, he said. So whenever you tell me to go out there and get outs, I'll treat it as if it's a 0-0 ballgame, and I've got to bury you and you.

Whitlock, a 25-year-old, remains under team control until 2026, according to reports.

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