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A Cargo Ship And A Russian Frigate Collided In The Waters Of Denmark

A Cargo Ship And A Russian Frigate Collided In The Waters Of Denmark

The Danish authorities do not have information about the cause of the collision of the container ship Ice Rose and the Russian frigate in the area of the Oresund bridge and do not know about the victims, said a duty officer of the Danish special operations command.

"I do not know what caused the incident… We have no information about injured people either on Ice Rose or on the Russian frigate," the officer said.

According to him, the Danish authorities detained the Ice Rose ship to clarify its condition after the collision with the Russian ship.

"The civilian vessel Ice Rose has been detained by the Danish authorities, and we are awaiting investigation to determine whether it can continue to operate," the command added.

The press service of the Baltic fleet earlier reported that the collision of a refrigerated ship under the flag of the Marshall Islands Ice Rose with a small anti-submarine ship of the Baltic fleet "Kazanets" occurred on Wednesday morning in poor visibility, there were no injuries among the crew of the Russian ship. The hull of the anti-submarine ship received a hole above the waterline and is currently returning to its home base in the city of Baltiysk.

According to the available information on the marine monitoring website, the Ice Rose cargo ship left St. Petersburg and was due to arrive in Gothenburg on September 23 at 22.00 Moscow time. However, at 10.59 GMT, the ship changed its course and began to move in a circle, and then in the opposite direction. At the time of the collision, the ship's speed decreased 12 times from 3.7 knots (6.7 km/h) to 0.3 knots (0.5 km/h).

The scene of the collision is near Copenhagen, near the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. The Danish Navy patrol ship P523 and a Swedish tug, as well as a helicopter of Swedish rescuers, arrived in the area of emergency. As reported by rescuers, at the time of the collision over the Strait was thick fog.

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