Meijer, a Wyoming retiree, describes a store knife attack and claims to be having a knife in his back

Meijer, a Wyoming retiree, describes a store knife attack and claims to be having a knife in his bac ...

WYOMING, MI -- Nick Martinez admits that he was amazed at first when he saw a guy come down a Meijer aisle and start attacking a youngster with a knife.

He just started swinging and lowering him, said Martinez, a retired General Motors employee and Vietnam veteran.

His shock did not halt him from trying to intervene. Martinez ended up being stabbed as well.

The 74-year-old Wyoming man described the horrifying ordeal, which slashed both him and a 19-year-old man, one customer, to the hospital for wounds.

Martinez, who was reached by phone on February 23, was severed, but said he expects to stay in the hospital in a few days. The attacker's knife punctured his lung.

The 19-year-old suffered slash wounds that required stitches, which she was treated and released from a hospital.


The 57-year-old attacker, whom police said they didn't pursue, is expected to be arraigned Thursday in Wyoming District Court. He is believed to be homeless.

He will be charged with two counts of attempted murder and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

On February 21, Martinez came to the Meijer store at 5500 Clyde Park Ave. SW to buy some groceries. He met his wife.

When he saw the 19-year-old on one knee, he looked at what he thought was DVDs. Another man then started coming down the aisle and Martinez noticed he had a knife, possibly a kitchen knife.

When the armed man attacked the teenager, it was as if the armed man was going to take the place.

Martinez claimed he tried several baskets to grab the attacker's arm. He pushed his wife out of the way because it arose that the attacker was going towards her.

El alleged that something was wrong with the man.

"When he looked at me, his eyes were bigger than those of us. They were just glowing," he said.

Martinez said he wanted to get the guy on the ground, but the two ended up being turned around.


"That's when he stabbed me in the back." He said, adding that he felt the knife coming in.

The attacker went out of the store and said he knew he was hurt because blood was "gushing out."

At the urging of others, he sat down and waited for assistance and medical personnel to arrive.

Martinez said the randomness of the attack was shocking.

"You don't anticipate that, especially at the time of the day. It surprised me and my wife," he said.

According to court records, the attacker, who was found and detained several hours later, allegedly confessed to police that he killed the two men. He told authorities he removed knives from his house "with the intention to hurt someone."

According to court records from Kent County, a doctor at Spectrum Health Butterworth hospital diagnosed him with schizophrenia on November 4, 2015. Two days later, an examinationr at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services also diagnosed him with a "unspecified schizophrenia spectrum disorder."

His ex-wife wrote in a petition to get him evaluated that she was hearing thoughts, stating, and telling him not to take his medication.

Even with the diagnosis, evidence from the court shows that the 2015 petition was dismissed because he was discharged from Pine Rest prior to a court hearing.

The ex-wife of a man reached out on Wednesday and said she cannot expel what she saw at the Meijer store.

"It's awful what happened. Nobody deserves it," she said of the victims.

Despite her beliefs, her ex-husband's behavior was a "cry for help" that he hasn't been able to achieve so far.

MLive has released more information.

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