All of Barcelona’s B2B news in MWC 2022 is now available

All of Barcelona’s B2B news in MWC 2022 is now available ...

Intel has released new Xeon processors for networks and edge. Not every company is waiting until MWC kicks off to announce new products and services. Take Intel, the company that just unveiled new Xeon processors specifically for network and edge deployments.

The Intel Xeon D-2700 and D-1700 are designed to meet customers’ expectations and require extensive AI and crypto acceleration, including built-in Ethernet and several other features.

Intel told TechRadar Pro and other media that the chips provide excellent performance across multiple applications such as security appliances, enterprise routers and switches, cloud storage, wireless networks, AI inference, and edge servers.

Read our full interview for more information.

What will happen at MWC 2022? The techRadar Pro team has looked into the tea leaves and has made some suggestions and suggestions...

TechRadar Pro, Desire Athow, the CEO of TechRadar, is the subject of a slew of speculation.

"It’s difficult to believe that the conversations around 5G started to grow more often at MWC 2014, eight years ago, when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched. Since then, the pandemic and the following lockdowns have changed how business is done. It now feels right to reintroduce MWC to its B2B industrial roots after a decade when the headlines were dominated by new smartphones. So, like the previous years, expect to hear a lot about IoT, AI, Edge computing

TechRadar Pro’s Vice Editor, Mike Moore, has been appointed as the next president of the company.

"It’s fantastic to see that the enthusiasm for Mobile World Congress remains alive after a year away." However, this might be the first time we get a proper look at 6G networks, even if just as a proof of concept, as well as discovering what blockchain actually does and how it can help the mobile industry. "I’m hoping to see and hear more about some amazing use cases that make the most of superfast connections."

TechRadar Pro, Joel Khalili, the News & Features Editor

"I’ll be on the ground for TechRadar Pro this year at MWC, where you’ll hear from some of the most powerful professionals in sectors ranging from hardware to networking, cloud, security and computing."

"It’s evident that 5G will be the glue that matches all of these themes at the show, as it has been over the past few years. However, early speculation suggests we’ll learn a lot more about the potential that private 5G networks might offer, as well as how 5G can combine with advances in AI in order to create new opportunities at the edge."

TechRadar Pro, the mobile industry correspondent, Steve McCaskill

"Although MWC 2022 will be a much smaller event than what we had become more habituated, it feels reassuring that the show is a) going ahead and b) is returning in its usual late February / early March timeslot."

"For those who attend, Congress will be a way to reconnect with old friends and contacts and to strike agreements in the Fira’s corridors and networking areas. I anticipate more collaborations between the world of telecoms and IT as operators continue their 5G rollouts and begin to accelerate the modernization of their back-end infrastructure with open systems and cloud-native infrastructure. This convergence may not seem as exciting as a new handset, but it will be equally equally important."

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