The iPhone 13 and other iPhones might soon be much easier to replace

The iPhone 13 and other iPhones might soon be much easier to replace ...

If you have an iPhone 13, or in fact, an iPhone with a Face ID from the iPhone XS onwards, then repairs to the Face ID component would likely be much less of a hassle.

According to an internal Apple memo from a trustworthy source, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will soon be able to repair Face ID without having to replace the whole phone. This is thanks to a new TrueDepth camera service component that will be available to them.

It’s a process that offers a variety of benefits, including one being that you won’t have to set up a whole new phone when you send yours in for a Face ID replacement.

The downside to this approach, which Apple suggests, is that it’s better for the environment to repair a phone than to replace it.

This new component may not be used for any Face ID repair, but it will be able to select a diagnostic tool that works for it.

It’s also unclear when this component will be offered, and Apple apparently said just that documentation and training will be made available to repair people at a later date.

Another step toward improving the repair process is to take a look at the video.

Recent, Apple has made a number of moves to alleviate the pain of iPhone repairs, including perhaps the most significant being the introduction of Apple Self Service Repair, which allows users to repair their iPhones.

Apple also added a feature in iOS 15.2 which would tell you whether your iPhone has been repaired using official components or not, while Apple previously permitted the replacement of the rear glass of the iPhone 12 without removing the entire device.

Making repairs simpler, less wasteful, seems to be on the rise for Apple, and that can only be a good idea.

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