Windows 11 has finally received its perfect feature with emojis for Notepad

Windows 11 has finally received its perfect feature with emojis for Notepad ...

With the latest Windows 11, you may include emoji icons into a Notepad file as well as other new features.

Notepad has not seen any improvements since 2006, with a visual update to match Windows Vista. However, Microsoft has now added a dark mode, a fresh fusion to it with other Windows 11, and a redesigned menu to select different fonts.

These updates were made in a February feature update, which included the ability to use Android apps in the Microsoft Store.

Murray Sargent, the Microsoft Principle Software Engineer, writes in a detailed blog post on the move to a new Windows 11 processor, which provides, most important, emoji support.

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In Notepad, pressing the Windows key and the whole stop key together displays the emoji menu, where you may include reactions, animals, signs, and more into a document.

Notepad has been a popular tool for jotting down quick lists or thoughts for years, which you would then transfer to an office suite of your choice, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Notepad is being made a popular Windows 11 application, thanks to the improvements. It is also a great way to make lists and notes better, and emojis are excellent for users who haven’t used Notepad in years.

Sargant’s new RichEdit feature allows for emojis to be displayed, but he also discusses what might be possible for the future, including programming capabilities and web files.

For certain use-cases, such as a short report or a chapter to the book you always wanted to write, the formatting options, thanks to the new technology, may indicate that Notepad will remain a key feature on your taskbar for years to come.

The next question is what Microsoft will do for Notepad in future versions of Windows 11, or even Windows 12.

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