Audi wants your next automobile to be both a 5G mobile device and a vehicle

Audi wants your next automobile to be both a 5G mobile device and a vehicle ...

These days, a good old 3G is on the rise of the news cycle, as it finally fades into the shade.

Automakers sounded the alarm that the move would take off all kinds of important-sounding functions in their vehicles, but yet yet few have devised solutions. Audi and Verizon, however, are on the verge of getting a deal to incorporate 5G technology into upcoming automobiles.

It’s unclear when the services will enter a vehicle, but Verizon claims it more than doubled its 5G deployment in 2021, and claims that it intends to continue expanding aggressively in the future.

According to Tami Erwin, the CEO of Verizon Business, Audi drivers will be among the first in the world to experience a new generation of automobiles. In a press statement, he believes that their car is both a 5G mobile device and a vehicle.

When 4G first appeared about a dozen years ago, mobile phones and connected devices received a huge speed boost, but 5G hopes to open a new world of connected services for cars. Audi says the technology will allow passengers to stream and download quicker than previously and notes that its vehicles will be enhanced with over-the-air software. So, no more pinch-and-zoom attempting to read the name of a street in an unfamiliar space.

5G opens the way for better vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies in its vehicles. Its multi-sensor technology allows cars to communicate with each other and with nearby infrastructure, which could improve safety. It’s also a tool that allows more autonomous vehicles to operate in strong and timely data communication.

In a press release, Audi was the first automaker to provide in-vehicle Wi-Fi to customers as well as 4G LTE connectivity in the 2015 A3, and we will be among the first to provide the next generation of connectivity to our customers in the United States.

It’s time for the automotive world to get on board. It’s not the last collaboration we see, and the Audi-Verizon collaboration will be crucial if more robust autonomous driving technologies are developed. However, even with the aggressive development of 5G networks across the United States, it remains not as widespread as 4G is and 3G was in its heyday.

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