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Snowden Denied A Report That He Paid $5 Million To The US In Compensation

Snowden Denied A Report That He Paid $5 Million To The US In Compensation

A former employee of the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden denied yesterday's CNN report that he allegedly agreed to pay the US government as compensation for uncoordinated disclosure of information about the work of the intelligence services $5 million, earned from public speeches and the sale of the book "Personal matter." Snowden posted a message of denial on his Twitter page.

"CNN incorrectly reported this. A) This is not an agreement; I did not agree with this. B) the Court decision in this censorship case cannot be enforced while I am in exile, but in any case, I never had that kind of money, " the former agent wrote.

Snowden also offered CNN, in his opinion, a more correct version of the headline to their material: "the US can get up to $5 million by pardoning Edward Snowden." In the original version, the Agency's article was called "Edward Snowden agreed to give more than $5 million from the sale of the book and speeches."

On September 22, referring to court materials, CNN reported that Snowden, who last year published his book "Personal file" without government permission and thus violated contracts with the CIA and the NSA, agreed to pay the US compensation in the specified amount. The Agency also claimed that Snowden's income from the sale of the book was $4.2, and from speeches in which the former intelligence officer, according to the US Department of Justice, revealed secret information, — $1.03.

In 2013 Edward Snowden, as a CIA agent and NSA employee, gave the media secret documents about the surveillance programs of the US and UK intelligence services on the Internet and subsequently received temporary asylum in Russia. In the US, Snowden could face the death penalty on charges of treason. In mid-August of this year, US President Donald Trump said that he was considering pardoning Snowden.

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